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A player needs at least 3 heroes to join Campaign (PvE) for Earning, and 5 heroes to join Battle Arena. (Heroes in the team are not required to differ in attributes and other parameters such as Rank, level, power, skill,...)

1. PvE (Campaign)

Conditions of participation:

  • A team must have at least 3 heroes.

  • Players have enough energy for one Campaign Battle PvE. Each map in PvE Earning will require a minimum energy requirement.

Farming method:

  • Players use existing heroes to destroy monsters, NPCs to collect KEN, WOL, and items.

  • Each winning player will receive a random amount of KEN and WOL and support items in the game including: Materials to upgrade heroes and weapons including materials A, B, and S (rare), SS (very rare), EXP, and other support items.

  • Players are allowed to buy support items to increase farming performance with KEN and WOL.

  • Each farming turn lasts from 0 - 3 minutes depending on the player's power and skill.

  • The player wins when he destroys all Monsters, NPCs on the map and at least 1 hero is left alive.

End of farming:

  • Players are shown the amount of KEN, WOL, and items received after the end of the match.

  • Battle results are graded from 1 to 3 stars depending on the requirements and difficulty of each map. Ex1: The player must keep all heroes alive and kill all Monsters, NPCs before 1 minute 30 seconds. Ex2: The player must keep at least 1 hero alive and destroy all NPCs.

  • Players with 3 stars rated match results can buy Raid Tickets with WOL and do auto farming for this match.

2. PvP (Arena)

Competition conditions:

  • Players must reach level 10 to join Battle Arena.

  • Each player has at least 5 heroes to join the battle.

  • Players must have tickets to the match, Tickets are issued in limited quantities every day and tickets are purchased with xWOL.

How to play:

  • Players set up their formation before going to fight (battle).

  • When using tickets to enter the gate, the player can choose an opponent based on the opponent list randomly arranged in the game. (Opponent list shows 3-5 different users with basic information: Hero's illustration, level, and win rate (this ratio is based on power, not taking into account the hero's system factor).

  • Players rely on the counter attribute and other ability parameters of the formation to choose the suitable opponent. In case the player does not want to go to fight with random opponents in the opponent list, the player can use xKEN to refresh this list to increase the chances of winning.

  • An Arena match will have a duration of 3 minutes

  • Players can use equipment for the battle. These items are purchased outside the game lobby with WOL.

End of the game:

  • The last remaining hero is the winner.

  • For each won battle, the player is credited with xLeague Rewards Points. These points are used to rank players in the Battle Arena. This ranking is summarized every weekend, month, quarter, year. Players in the top of the rankings in each week, month, quarter, year will receive a special reward of xWOL from BattleCity.io.

3. Daily Quests & Events

Daily Quests

  • Check in

  • WIN 10 Arena Battles

  • WIN 10 Stage Map Battles

  • Reward: Bless (KEN)

Daily Events

  • Dragon Challenge: win Dragon Challenge Bless (KEN) reward

  • Wizard Challenge: defeat White Wizard for Bless (KEN) reward

  • Bunny Challenge: defeat Bunny Rabbit Bless (KEN) reward

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