💎Killer features of BattleCity.io

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BattleCity focuses on developing support mechanisms to increase the experience and fun for players (Play to Earn and Play for Joy) that can compete with other competitors:

  • NFT on demand: This gives absolute power to players. Players have full control over the digital assets that have been "minted" in WOL Games. BattleCity gives players the freedom to choose their favorite items to be minted into NFTs. NFT assets after minting can be withdrawn to the player's wallet or sold on BattleCity.io Marketplace and the most popular DEXs.

  • Winner takes all: Where the player with higher skill will win. At WOL Universe, we focus on developing games with gameplay that requires skills to control, manage ... characters/items.

  • Prevent cheats in PvP gameplay: There are mechanisms so that players in the game will not meet again in the next games (for example, blocking by IP or Region), server-side modules, encryption mechanisms, etc.

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