Elena - Dark Moon Elf

1. Story and Stats

[TEST TEXT] Of all the elven races, Moon Elf were the most impulsive, with a strong distaste for complacency or isolation. Moon Elf longed to be on the road, traveling and exploring the untamed wilderness that lay between cities and nations. This extroverted quality was part of the reason why moon elves got along uncommonly well with other races and had come to the conclusion that the Fairy Elf were not necessarily as foolhardy or unworthy as their brethren might think. Moon Elf, rather than feeling that interaction outside of their race diminished or weakened them, believed that interacting with other races, humans in particular, was the best way to spread the values of the Fairy Elf races, thereby strengthening their culture.

2. Skills

Leader SkillActive Skill
Autocast SkillPassive Skill

3. Video

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