Prevent whales from manipulating (bump/dump) the price?

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Among the factors that aid BattleCity in combating pump market manipulation and whale dumping are:

  1. The token supply is concentrated; the total supply is only 100 million.

  2. Since this number of tokens circulating in the market is so small, everyone can see our token allocation table, which is shown below.

  3. The round and team lock times are long enough to motivate not only the core-team to build and develop a strong project, but also to create "responsibility" for token holders to actively support the project.

  4. Our unique Profit-Sharing mechanism assists large investors (Whales) who want to hold Tokens for the long term rather than pumping and dumping for quick profit.

  5. BattleCity is more than just a GameFi project; it's an ecosystem with WOL Tokens that can be used for a variety of things, keeping WOL's demand scarce.

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