Why BattleCity.io is unique?

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The NFT ecosystem

WOL aims to bring joy and empower game players and game builders by giving them economic opportunities through our ecosystem.

WOL is not just a token in a single game, but rather it offers an entire array of NFT platforms and Marketplace for game builders (from individual game developers to large game studios) to more focus on the gameplays and let us apply blockchain technology and expand the market in the background.

Community-based Project

A major component when it comes to developing these games is community feedback. WOL constantly engages and tests assumptions of the community on Discord/Telegram and Facebook Group. This allows players to shape the direction and design of the games. We also focus on developing and sustaining the player-owned economies where players can spend their time enjoying and earning without worry-free of cheating and scamming in games.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Sir Winston Churchill

WOL team is aiming to keep the market stable and sustainable by allocating 39% of the supply will be used to support the Community Developer Incentives & Ecosystem, 10% for Innovative Tech Ventures Fund, and 2% for Charity Foundation. Furthermore, 50% of project profit will be brought back to Pool rewards to keep supporting the economies, in which 50% total will be rewarded to WOL holders, who keep at least 500.000 WOL Tokens for 45 (forty-five) consecutive days at least (WOL HOLD policy).

The games + The gameplay mechanisms = WOL Games

World of Legends currently supports 02 major games - MU of Heroes and Legends of Tank. MU of Heroes is the game where you summon powerful heroes, build an unstoppable team of heroes to challenge and fight others to achieve the ultimate gamer and strategist. Legends of Tank is a game inspired by WWII tanks, with gameplay motivated by the iconic 1980 game - Tank Battalion, as well as combining the current trending gameplays of Battle Royale and Seek 'n Find! You will be the commander who assembles a fleet of powerful tanks and takes on challenges in an ever-expanding realm of games.

WOL Universe focuses on developing support mechanisms to increase the experience and fun for players (Play to Earn and Play for Joy). We develop 02 mechanisms:

  • NFT on demand: This gives absolute power to players. Players have full control over the digital assets that have been "minted" in WOL Games. BattleCity.io gives players the freedom to choose their favorite items to be minted into NFTs. NFT assets after minting can be withdrawn to the player's wallet or sold on BattleCity.io Marketplace and the most popular DEXs.

  • Winner takes all: Where the player with higher skill will win. At WOL Universe, we focus on developing games with gameplay that requires skills to control, manage ... characters/items.

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