How many currencies are in WOL Games?

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There are 02 currencies that will be used in WOL Games:

  • World of Legends (WOL): the governance token used in the BattleCity NFT Platform. WOL is a security token that will be used as the medium of exchange between participants in the ecosystem.

  • Key Earning Network (KEN): the in-game currency - the fuel for BattleCity games' internal economies, which can be used for purchasing in-game items and tickets for arenas, upgrading weapons, and earning by playing the game, especially by winning battles. KEN is an uncapped utility token, its supply grows when more players join the game.

How to use WOL & KEN in WOL Universe?

  • Players use WOL for all NFT asset transactions in Marketplace as well as performing all tasks in WOL Games.

  • Holders can exchange WOL & KEN to BNB at the exchange rate on the popular DEXs (Pancakeswap, Apeswapโ€ฆ) at any time.

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