In the first version, the game only had 4 main items: Energy Crystal, Bless (KEN), Chaos and Zen.

1. Energy Crystals

In Play to Earn mode, each PvE battle consumes energy. When the player does not have an Energy Crystal, the player will recover 1 energy every 6 minutes, owning an Energy Crystal will help increase the recovery speed of energy.

2. Bless (KEN)

This is the most important in-game item, which can be loaded into the game from the Marketplace or obtained through the "Play To Earn" mechanism. Bless is used to summon Hero, buying equipment and in-game items, and upgrade Hero and equipment. Bless when claimed to the wallet is Token KEN

3. Chaos

Chaos is an indispensable item when players want to upgrade their Hero, equipment or skills. Chaos can be collected in-game or purchased directly with Bless (KEN)

4. Zen

Zen is the main currency in the MU continent, players can collect Zen through battles or quests to use in buying and selling items, upgrading Heroes and items

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