What is the long-term goal of BattleCity?

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Our long-term goals are mentioned in the Vision and Mission statement (https://whitepaper.battlecity.io/vision-and-mission-statement), which include:

(1) build a sustainable ecosystem (BattleCity's ecosystem) to assist game builders (including game studios or individual game developers) with funding, marketing, and advising to transform their games into GameFi projects that operate on the Binance Smart Chain, the Solana chain, and the Ethereum chain.

(2) provide an NFT Marketplace (BattleCity Marketplace) to enable game players to play and earn through a variety of WOL Games, participating in and trading NFTs in player-owned economies through network governance and consensus.

(3) We are also working on the idea of a wallet owned by BattleCity.io.

(4) We also plan to launch "MangoX-chain", a private chain named after the company that owns the BattleCity.io project. And this is our long-term goal.

(5) VR project will be introduced soon

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