📚Official Documents

Getting Started with BattleCity | WOL Universe

Below are official document links of BattleCity.io, users can start with the following documents to understand and get started with us:

🕹ī¸ Project Brief: https://twitter.com/BattleCityHQ/status/1480723636805791744?s=20

🕹ī¸ Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.battlecity.io/

🕹ī¸ Check WOL Allocation: https://whitepaper.battlecity.io/tokenomic/allocation

🕹ī¸ Check Audit Report by Hacken: https://go.battlecity.io/hacken-audit-report

🕹ī¸ Check the trademark registration form: https://go.battlecity.io/trademark-confirmation

🕹ī¸ Learn more about our core-team: https://whitepaper.battlecity.io/team/founder-and-co-founders

🕹ī¸ Official Newsletter: https://battlecityio.substack.com/

🕹ī¸ Official Channels / Communities: https://whitepaper.battlecity.io/community

🕹ī¸ Learn more about our games:

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