Will you plan to raise the awareness of BattleCity.io in regions that English is not well-spoken?

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Global Community Incentives Program

We are currently focusing on many non-English speaking markets such as China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Currently, we have 02 groups:

- China : https://t.me/battlecitychina

- Vietnam Official : https://t.me/battlecityvn

- Discord Official Channel : https://discord.com/invite/PcZJG8h9SK

The latter will be African countries, and the Middle East. In order to develop non-English speaking markets, we desperately need the cooperation of influencers in those markets to support as Super Moderators of our official teams.

We have special policies to help Super Mods grow our community in these markets, what we call the Global Community Incentives program, read here:

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

AMA is a way of conveying the content of the project and sharing with the community the core information and wishes from the project team/developer.

We will have to organize in many different teams because each team will have a unique approach to the project, and we want to hear from these many aspects to better understand the user, thereby having policy or gameplay is richer and more appropriate.

In addition, we will also try to AMA in non-English speaking communities through our Super Mods (eg Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino communities...) so that users in that area can understand in their native language.

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