๐Ÿš€MU of Heroes Testnet Guidance

Learn how to enjoy the MU of Heroes testnet

Video guidance:

How to access MU of Heroes

A. From BattleCity.io Homepage: Access: https://portal.stg.battlecity.io/, click Play Now in the MU of Heroes section.

  • Portal is a centralized portal webpage where users access to be able to enter the game shop and the game webpage of WOL Games.

B. Access directly from the URL: Access directly from the link: https://mu.stg.battlecity.io/

Game login with Metamask

  • Install the Metamask extension in the web browser (Chrome and Edge are browsers that we recommend for the best experience).

  • Follow the instructions in our wiki: https://wiki.battlecity.io/getting-started/metamask-wallet-setup.

  • Login to Metamask with your account.

  • Choose Network BSC Testnet, if not, then Add BSC Testnet with the following parameters: - Network Name: Smart Chain - Testnet - New RPC URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/ - Chain ID: 97 - Symbol: BNB - Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.bscscan.com

  • After successful login Metamask, click START

  • If you haven't logged into the BattleCity.io Portal, the browser will automatically redirect to the Portal, click the Login button in the upper right corner to log in to BattleCity with your Metamask.

  • Return to the Game screen, you have logged into the Game with the account connected to your Metamask wallet, you can start playing now.

Features released in this testnet and How to use it

  • Connect the game account to the BSC Testnet network Metamask wallet (instruction above).

  • Manage assets (WOL, KEN, Heroes, Item, Equipment...) directly on BattleCity.io Portal.

  • Buy Eggs, Starter Pack(s) at Portal to randomly unlock Heroes and in-game rewards.

  • Use your BattleCity.io account to log in to the Game.

  • Summon Heroes with the Summon function.

  • Equip the collecting weapons, equipmentโ€ฆ for Hero in the gameplay.

  • Level up your Hero with KEN and in-game items. When there are 02 identical Heroes and have reached the maximum level of the current rank, it is possible to raise the Hero's star (rank) with WOL, KEN, equipment... that collected in the game.

  • Form a squad (up to 5 Heroes) to go to the scene (Campaign), do daily quests, participate in daily events, and fight in the Arena arena.

  • Participating in each form has the opportunity to receive KEN, items, equipment and egg fragments, gift boxes...

  • Each day players will have:

  1. 1 Energy equivalent to the amount of Hero that the player owns.

  2. 20 Arena tickets to participate in 20 arena matches (Arena).

  3. 5 daily missions.

  4. 3 daily events, each event can be played 5 times.

Summon Heroes

  • After purchasing the Starter Pack, itโ€™ll be shown up in the โ€œMy Assetsโ€ tab.

  • Or use the Summon Hero function in the Game to open Hero for 10 WOL each time.

  • In addition, when breaking eggs, players also have the opportunity to receive Hero summoning cards.

Upgrade and Equip Heroes equipment and accessories

  • Each Hero can increase in strength by leveling up, leveling up costs KEN, Chaos gem, and Experience Book.

  • When there are 2 Hero max levels at rank 1 or rank 2 (1 star or 2 stars), can upgrade to a higher level with WOL, KEN, and other materials.

  • Each Hero will have 4 slots to equip more Equipment to increase strength:

  1. Weapons

  2. Armor

  3. Necklace

  4. Ring

  • Each Hero can be equipped with suitable equipment you have with the โ€œAuto Equipโ€ button

  • If you want to change the equipment, you can click on the equipment, click โ€œChangeโ€ and choose the equipment that you want to change.

Formation and Battling method

  • Each character, when set enough star level, will have 4 types of skills: Leader Skill, Active Skill & Auto Skill, Passive Skill used in the match:

  1. Leader Skill: special passive skills, skills are only activated when the character is selected as the leader of the team, and the skill will be fixed buff for all team members before the match takes place.

  2. Active Skill: the skill activates itself after reaching 100% MP in the match.

  3. Auto Skill: skill does not consume mana, the character will automatically activate on his turn when the skill has a cool-down.

  4. Passive Skill: a fixed passive skill that always affects targets in battle.

  • Each squad will have a maximum of 5 Heroes arranged as shown

  • Players will have to choose 1 Leader of the Team, the Leader will wear a crown, and the Leader's Skill of the Leader will have an effect on the whole Team.

  • Each squad will be calculated with Strength (Power) points from the strength of team members.

  1. The lineup will consist of 2 front and back rows, the heroes in front will be focused on attacking the enemy team first (unless the opponent uses special skills), after the hero in the front row is destroyed, they will come. back row.

  2. Therefore, in addition to choosing a Leader with a suitable Leader Skill, players should arrange Heroes in a reasonable position: Heroes with high stamina (high health, high defense ...) should stand first, and natural heroes should stand first. in terms of attack or support, but the standing ability is low, so line up at the back.

  • Attribute Incompatibility Factor

  1. Each Hero or monster in the game will have 1 of 5 attributes Fire, Water, Earth, Dark, and Light with the same contrast as shown in the picture.

  2. Attribute A overlaps Attribute B, when attacking, A will deal more damage than usual (120% - 150% according to the table above)

  • In the Game, the player must arrange 3 squads:

  1. World Map scene formation: used to fight monsters

  2. Attack formation in Arena: used to attack other players' formation in Arena (Active)

  3. Defense formation in Arena: used to counter other players' attacks (Passive)

World Map Campaigns

  • Testnet will open 3 villages (Noria, Devias, and Lorencia) for players to fight monsters and search for rewards.

  • Each village will have 10 stages (Stage) with many types of monsters, increasing difficulty, each village will have 1 Boss.

  • Winning the current level will open the next level.

  • Each turn of battle, whether won or lost, costs 1 Energy.


  • The Arena is an arena system where players compete against each other.

  • Each win or loss will add/deduct a type of point called Arena Cup, this score is the basis for ranking as well as arranging the suitable opponents.

  • Players will have to set up 1 defense and 1 attack squad when participating in the Arena, the Attack squad is used when actively fighting with other players, otherwise, the Defense squad is used when other players choose themselves as a battle opponents fight in the arena (this squad will be chosen when the players are offline)

  • The offensive and defensive squad must always have at least 1 Hero, you cannot set up a squad with no hero.

  • If the player sells out of the Hero, the player will have their Arena Cup points reset to 0 and lose their eligibility to participate in Arena.

  • When the player is disqualified from participating in the Arena (no Hero), the player cannot search for the match, nor can it be found by other players.

  • Each player will have a maximum of 20 Arena tickets per day to participate in the Arena. When the players are out of Arena tickets, players will not receive KEN when they win a match, but only receive Arena Cup.

  • Each player's starting Arena Cup is 0 points, and a player's total Arena Cup is always greater than or equal to 0.

  • At the same time, 1 player can only be found and attacked by another player.

  • Shield: The players will be protected for 2 hours (i.e. not found by other players) and this protection pact will be broken when the protected player actively goes to battle with another player.

  • Arena Cup points will be used for ranking, at the end of the Testnet, there will be a reward for the TOP 10 (the ranks will be announced by the BattleCity.io team).

Collect egg shards and break the eggs

  • Through the game modes, players will collect lucky egg pieces.

  • 100 egg pieces will combine into 1 egg.

  • When opening the egg, you will receive a lot of valuable gifts, including KEN, Hero, Item, and equipment.

Daily events

  • Every day players will be able to participate in 3 events: White Wizzard, Golden Dragon & Moon Rabbit.

  • In each event, players will have 5 opportunities to challenge to receive gifts if they win.

  • When you win the first time, the difficulty of the next time will be higher.

Daily quests

  • Every day players will have 5 repeat missions.

  • Complete quests to get rewards.

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