Play To Earn (P2E)

In the P2E game modes, the player will need a team of 3 tanks, each of tank is a different type (Battle Tank, Scout Tank and Heavy Tank).
Can't arrange and start playing with a formation with 2 tanks of the same type (Example: can't have 2 Battle Tanks in 1 team).
In P2E mode, the tank when shot will not be damaged but will lose the fuel cans it carries.
Existing tanks that run out of fuel will be replaced by another tank in the team (still fueled).
P2E Battle will end when all of your tanks and teammates run out of fuel or you finish the Battle.
In P2E Battle, you have the opportunity to collect KEN, WOL, Tank Box... and other valuable items to help you upgrade your tank's combat ability.

Game modes:

1. Single player P2E: 1 vs NPCs, fight alone on the map with your team of 3 Tanks (replaceable).
2. Play with friends P2E: 2 vs NPCs, choose a team, go with other players to hunt for items, the reward is divided equally between 2 players.
3. Multiplayer P2E: 1 vs 3, bring a team of 3 Tanks, compete with 3 other Players to hunt for items on the map.