MetaMask Wallet Setup

How to Create and Setup MetaMask Wallet? | WOL Universe | BattleCity

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask Introduction

Download and Install MetaMask

Metamask can be downloaded as a browser extension on any compatible browser. The links to download MetaMask can be found here for Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons, and Edge Add-ons. MetaMask is also compatible with browsers. MetaMask can also be installed on Android and iOS.

Creating an Account

Once MetaMask has been downloaded and installed, you may proceed to create an account. The steps to create an account are outlined below:
  • Click on the "Create a Wallet" button
  • Create a password
  • Proceed by clicking Next and accept the Terms of Use.
  • Click Reveal Secret Words. There you will see a 12 words seed phrase. This is really important and usually not a good idea to store digitally, so take your time and write it down.
  • Verify your secret phrase by selecting the previously generated phrase in order. Click Confirm.
  • And that’s it now you have created your MetaMask account successfully. A new Ethereum wallet address has just been created for you. It’s waiting for you to deposit funds, and if you want to learn how to do that, look at the next step below.
  • You might notice straight away that we’re still dealing with an Ethereum wallet. At best, this won’t work with Binance Smart Chain DApps. At worst, you could lose funds by sending them to addresses you can’t actually use. Let’s change that (next section below).

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Connecting MetaMask to Polygon Network

Connecting MetaMask to Solana