💡In-Game Features

A. World Map

In the first version, the game will let players explore the 4 ancestral lands of the MU continent: Lorencia, Devias, Noria and Dungeon.

1. Lorencia

Lorencia is a wide plain located in the center of MU. Dark knights and Dark Wizard begin their careers here.

Due to heavy rainfall tall trees and grasses abound. It is a suitable hunting place for low level

2. Noria

Noria, the home world of the Fairy kingdom, is a huge woods located in the easternmost of the MU Continent. Originally, Noria was once populated only by the Fairies, but after Kundun's invasion of MU, exchange between humans grew more frequent and human settlement in the region became more pronounced.

Fairy characters all begin their careers within Noria. The region's location may seem trivial but as the access point for the East Sea and the underwater city of Atlans it plays a significant role. The Chaos Goblin that creates Chaos items and Wings through the unique Chaos System also resides here.

3. Devias

Devias is a snowfield located at the north of Lorencia and it covered with perpetual snow. Monsters here are more powerful than thosein Lorencia or Noria so only strong adventurers can enter Devias.

4. Dungeon

The Dungeon is a formidable cave located to the northeast of Lorencia. With a total of 3 levels, the Dungeon is home to the Gorgon, a frightening beast that lays in wait on the lowest level. Due to the lure of untold treasures within these caverns, many a brave adventurers have entered the Dungeon but few have returned to tell of their tale

5. More lands

We will open more new lands in the near future like Lost Towers, Tarkan, Atlan, Icarus...

B. Events

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